A native of Kiev, Roman was amusical until--at the age of 15--he experienced an epiphany upon hearing Trauermusik beim Tode Siegfried. He studied art in Ukraine before emigrating to New York in 1979, where he continued his studies in that discipline as well as Baroque lute and composition.

He began composing seriously in the early nineties, at the same time embarking on a career of an artist-painter. Limiting his focus to the high Baroque style, he eventually widened his expressive arsenal to include the post-Baroque Empfindsamer Stil, authoring more than 600 compositions that are firmly rooted in the high Baroque tradition but, as Roman says, are "infused with a healthy dose of Empfindsamkeit".

In 1996 he made a fateful decision to circulate his works anonymously under a German transliteration of his paternal grandmother's name, effectively creating an 18th century family of lutenist-composers named Sautscheck.

In this guise, his music achieved considerable popularity in lutenistic circles. This popularity evolved into notoriety and caused a sizable amount of ill-will among musical scholars when Roman revealed that he, and not some long-forgotten historical figure, was the author of this vast body of work. These tribulations notwithstanding, many lutenists continue their support of his compositions today


Download music score:

Tombeau, sur la Mort de J. J. Froberger

Download sample works:

Tombeau, sur la Mort de J. J. Froberger (part of the Sautscheck Manuscript)