Giorgio Pacchioni's study of Renaissance and Baroque counterpoint through a consideration of the contemporary sources has led him to repeat the creative experiences of well known composers of the past, effectively composing them again in his own hand following the same technical criteria laid down centuries ago. His vast output easily reaches into the hundreds, consisting of canons, fugues, motets, cantatas, and instrumental sonatas and concerti.

Concerning the subject of baroque and renaissance compositional theory and practice, he is the author of several didactic publications well-known in the early music arena and a manual on the composition of fugues in the baroque period according to the techniques of F. A. Vallotti, whose anastatic edition of the well-known Dies Irĉ (1756) he also edited for SPES.

Moreover, he teaches Canto Figurato and Historical Counterpoint at the courses of ancient music Antiqua Musica organized by the Musical Cultural Centre Niccoló Vicentino, with the collaboration of the Veneto Region, of the European Economic Community (European Social Fund) and of the Italian Ministry of Labour. He is one of the leading figures among the performers of and the researchers on the composer A. F. Vallotti (1697-1780) , whose compositional precepts he aims to champion in our century by means of his own activity both as a teacher of historical counterpoint and as conductor of vocal and instrumental groups specialized in reproducing Vallotti's sacred music. The latter groups include the Baroque Orchestra of Bologna and the Vocal Ensemble Michelangelo, with whom he has recently produced several concerts of relevant works by Vallotti, such as Dies Irĉ (1756) and Gloria in D major (1749).

Recently he has completed the full reconstruction of the part of the Tenor (missing) of the Secondo libro de Madrigali a Cinque Voci con i Passaggi of Girolamo Dalla Casa (1590) requested by the Associazione ANTIQUA. This work has generated a CD which was also highly recommended by the Artistic Committee of the Premio Internazionale del disco Antonio Vivaldi.


  Download sample works:

Triple fugue in d minor, op. 56

Concerto in d minor, op. 57 (2002) I. Largo II. Allegro assai  III. Dolce IV. Allegro spedito