11 October: Vox welcomes new member Jocelyn Godwin to our roster and also welcomes back composer Thomas Matyas who has rejoined us with new music.

3 October: Vox is now on facebook. Please join us there for all your period composition interests.

7 July: Vox welcomes 2 new members to our roster, Pablo Queipo de Llano of Spain and Jacek Salamon of Poland. Please go to our Roster page and check out their music.

15 April: Vox member Ariel Walden recently had 2 sonatas for Recorder and BC published by PRB Productions. The music is available here.


10 December: A new article/interview has been published featuring four members of Vox. Written by Grant Colburn and Harpsichord and Fortepiano magazine editor Michaela Schmitz, pt. 1 of a 2 part series features interviews and musical samples for harpsichord by Miguel Robaina and Gianluca Bersanetti. Pt. 2 coming out in summer of 2010 will feature interviews and music for Grant Colburn and Fernando de Luca.

20 October: As part of the early music festival "Grandezze e Meraviglie" held in Modena, Italy, G.B.'s Concerto for 4 Harpsichords and Strings in G Minor will be performed by the ensemble L'Arte dell'Arco, directed by Federico Guglielmo, and the harpsichordists Michele Barchi, Roberto Loreggian, Francesca Bacchetta and Francesco Baroni. The Associazione Musicale Estense (member of R.E.M.A. - European Early Music Network), who commissioned the piece, will also be producing a live recording of the concert, which will be published in an upcoming issue of "Classic Antiqua" Magazine.


31 December: Vox Saeculorum welcomes Michael Talbot and Federico Maria Sardelli to the guild. Both Michael and Federico come to Vox with esteemed credentials and exceptional music.

13 December: Vox member Grant Colburn has had his second article for EMA magazine published. Titled, "Early Music Broadcasts itself on Youtube," it can be read here.

14 November: Vox Saeculorum opens a new forum both for Vox members and also fellow composers and performers interested in writing music in historical styles. A temporary link is available on the front page of the site or by clicking here.

26 October: Vox Saeculorum gives a warm shalom to our newest member Timothy Ariel Walden.

23 September: Vox member Grant Colburn recently had his first book as typesetter and editor published. It is an obscure work written by English restoration composer, Thomas Morgan. Originally written in 1697 for two flutes (recorders) and continuo, the book is available through Peacock Press.

5 September: Vox Saeculorum welcomes Jeremy L. Thompson as our new conditional member. Jeremy comes to us as a driven and devoted composer wishing to dedicate himself to writing new music in baroque style. We wish him well upon his quest!

4 July: Three years in the writing, Grant Colburn has completed his newest book of Harpsichord music titled "Setts or Suits of Lessons for the Harpsicord or Spinnet." The book contains 6 complete suites or lessons, and is inspired by the English school of harpsichord music from around 1720. See Grant's bio on the "roster" page for his website link which has more information.

23 May: Fellow Vox composer Glen Shannon is doing a Berkeley Early Music Festival Fringe Concert of some of his recent music, entitled "Early Music Written Lately" on June 7th. More details are available here.

22 May: In the most recent issue of Early Music America magazine Vox composer Roberto Bancalari's premier performance of his Overture in G for baroque chamber orchestra got a nice mention in the 'Sound Bytes' section. The page may be seen here.

4 April: Vox Saeculorum gives a warm "saluti" to our newest member Gianluca Bersanetti.

30 March: In the 2007 season of his group Baroque SaMuse in Montréal and in the Festival Montréal Baroque, Hendrik and his colleagues premiered 12 of his compositions in baroque and classical style. Also worth mentioning is the English premiere of Hendrik's Sonate for violin and obbligato harpsichord which he played with the renowned English ambassador of the baroque violin, Simon Standage, in the Philip Bate Recital at the University of Oxford on the 29th of February 2008 in the Europe's oldest concert hall, the same hall where Handel and Haydn performed many of their works.

5 March: A new book by Bruce Haynes called "The End of Early Music" (Oxford University Press), not only includes a chapter on the phenomenon of period composition but also mentions the Vox Saeculorum guild and website on pg. 213. The book is also readily available at Amazon. This book is a must read for lovers of the past and present state of baroque music.

29 February: Newly added to the Vox Saeculorum site is the Media page filled with articles, reviews, links and live performances of the music of Vox Saeculorum. Plan to check back often to see what has been added!


21 December: The new issue of Harpsichord and Fortepiano Magazine with Grant Colburn's report on his experinces playing his harpsichord music at this past summer's BEMF has now been published. Primarily a European publication, it is available through Peacock Press.

26 November:Vox member Roberto Jose Bancalari had the world premier of his Overture in G performed by the San Diego Chamber Orchestra. To quote from his myspace, "As the concert neared the end, Maestro Pak, true to his reputation for presenting audiences with wonderful surprises, led the Orchestra in the performance of a Baroque overture and followed it with the announcement that the young composer, Roberto (Bobby) Jose Bancalari, was in the audience. The audience was mesmerized as Bancalari, a mandolin player from Long Beach, explained why he loves Baroque music and how "cool" it was to hear his composition performed for the first time by an orchestra."

27 September: A joyous welcome to our newest member, J.Lee Graham.

17 July: An energetic "ciao" goes to our new member, Fernando de Luca.

14 June: Grant Colburn will be performing some of his harpsichord compositions at this year's Boston Early Music Festival as part of the Princeton Early Keyboard Center's display and booth. PEKC's director Gavin Black will be bringing along his 1761 spinnet which Grant will be playing on for the recitals.

2 June: The Summer issue of Early Music America has been published and is now available at a fine bookstore/magazine outlet near you! Written by Vox member Grant Colburn the article about the period composition phenomenon features discussion and commentary from Joseph Dillon Ford of the Dellian Society and members of Vox including Michael Starke, Mark Moya, Glen Shannon, Roberto Jose Bancalari, Miguel Robaina, Roman Turovsky, and David Jansson as well as new members Matthias Maute and Hendrik Bouman. For more information go to Early Music America for availability in your area.

18 April: Vox Saeculorum respectfully welcomes our newest members Hendrik Bouman and Matthias Maute.

20 March: Michael Starke's Guitar Concerto in G Major will be performed by Yoshio Matsumoto in Osaka, Japan.

5 March: Vox Saeculorum prepares for an onslaught of media attention with the inclusion of an advertizement in the Spring issue of Early Music America magazine. Look for the summer issue coming out which should be featuring a full length article on new baroque composition written by Grant Colburn discussing the music and members of Vox along with Hendrik Bouman and Matthias Maute, and Joseph Ford of the Delian Society.


5 December: Miguel Robaina's choir he sings in performed a piece of his music for choir, baritone solo, organ and brass. There were app.1000 in the audience and the baritone soloist was none other than the Royal court singer Karl-Magnus Fredriksson. Also one of the greatest organists in Sweden, Stefan Therstam (www.therstam.se) played. On the 17th he will be conducting his Christmas oratorio at his church. (musiciens.ifastnet.com)

14 August: Grant Colburn has completed his third book of harpsichord music titled, "Six Easy Lessons for Harpsichord." The book is available along with Grant's other completed works at The New Renaissance and Baroque Music Website.

02 August: Mark Moya has been commissioned to write a new work for viol consort by Suzanne Ferguson, president of the Viola da Gamba Society of America (VdGSA). The piece was offered as part of the annual VdGSA Conclave Auction, held this past July at St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota. The details of the work have yet to be finalized, however, it will be incorporated into a fundraiser concert for the Southwest Florida Symphony. The theme of the concert is "A Tuscan Christmas" and the piece will likely incorporate elements of early Italian and French Christmas carols.

19 July: Roman Turovsky will be offering a short concert at the HPGRP Gallery, New York, NY on Friday, 21 July at 1830h. The concert will feature vocalist Julian Kytasty and Roman will be accompanying on the Ukrainian theorbo, or torban, in Ukrainian soldiers' laments dating from the 1700s through the 20th century.

15 July: A very warm welcome to our newest member, Roberto Jose Bancalari.

23 June: The first American solo exhibit of member Roman Turovsky's artwork has opened at the HPGRP Gallery in New York. It will run through 19 July.

01 May: Vox Saeculorum welcomes Grant Colburn, David Jansson, and Glen Shannon!

15 April: Vox Saeculorum welcomes Miguel Robaina!

01 April: Vox Saeculorum is now online!