Grant Colburn was born in Wisconsin in 1966. His parents were both music teachers in the local school system of Algoma, the small town by Lake Michigan where he grew up. So exposed to music from the moment of his birth, (if not before) it seemed only natural that music would be the center of his life. And indeed it has been. Always one to search for the obscure and out of the ordinary in music, the late 70's found him taking an interest in the harpsichord after hearing a recording by Igor Kipnis. Shortly after he was able to attend two summers of harpsichord workshop studying with Igor Kipnis at the Indianapolis Early Music Festival. During this time he began writing his earliest compositions in a period style. Graduating from high school and attending the University of Wisconsin, Green Bay, it seemed a given that Grant would continue on a path of early music, but alas it was not quite yet to be. For fate intervened and his new interest began to lie in the world of progressive rock music. He left his studies and soon found himself in the midst of Los Angeles pursuing the elusive record deal with the band Worlds. After three years of frustration he returned to Wisconsin continuing his pursuit of original rock music with the band Graphic Nature (now called Cold Street Gothic) and returning to school to complete his degree.

Since this time Grant has written five complete books of period music. The first called "A First Collection of Lessons for the Harpsichord or Organ," contains his early pieces in baroque and early classical styles and the second book, "A Renaissance Miscellany," which in addition to keyboard music also has instrumental music, songs, and rounds. The third book is titled "Six Setts of Lessons for the Harpsichord," while fourth book is titled "Six Easy Lessons for the Harpsichord." Both of these later books are highly influenced by the keyboard music of Handel's English Contempories. As of 2008 a new book has been finished which is titled, "Setts or Suits of Lessons for the Harpsicord or Spinnet." This book takes its inspiration from the slightly earlier generation of post-restoration English composers from around 1720.

Currently Grant lives in Green Bay, Wisconsin where in addition to composing, he is an organist, piano teacher, rock musician, and freelance pianist and accompanist. Grant has his own website devoted to his self-published books of music at: The New Renaissance and Baroque Music Website.

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From Suits or Setts of Lessons for the Harpsicord or Spinnet: Lesson IV in D Minor - I. Almand II. Courant  III. Ground

From Six Setts of Lessons for Harpsichord: Lesson VI in A Minor - I. Allegro Moderato   II. Andante Moderato III. Giga


Download sample works:
1. Dm Ground
2. Am Allegro Moderato